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With the growing popularity and wide usage of Short Messaging Service(SMS), Bulk SMS Services, Bulk SMS
Provider, Free SMS Services in India, Bulk SMS Campaign, Bulk SMS Gateway in India was an idea whose time
had come. Bulk SMS Services has multiple applications for businesses, viz. issue immediate alerts to employees
about emergencies and critical situations, send important information to key customers or suppliers, thereby
ensuring the information is received by the right person at the right time, send greetings to their clients or suppliers,
message updates to sales staff, field staff, technicians, and so on and so forth.

If you wish to know how and whether Bulk SMS Services or Bulk SMS Campaign can be useful in marketing your
product or service, or for the smooth running of your business, Contact us or raise the request with us Call Me Back
for custom-fitting the right kind of Bulk SMS Services to meet your specific goals.
Bulk SMS Features :
• All India GSM and CDMA coverage. One of the best Bulk SMS Solutions.
• Send Bulk SMS with your Branded Sender ID from our Online Bulk SMS Program or
  SMS Excel Plugin
• Manage message templates. A very good feature for Bulk SMS Promotion
• A very good feature for Bulk SMS Promotion Campaigns.
• Easy to integrate and deploy. That’s the power of our Bulk SMS Solutions
• All your messaging requirements are satisfied with high delivery reliability and
  throughput, delivery reporting, advanced features, various messaging formats,
  connectivity over HTTP, SMPP protocols, and web interface.
• Instant delivery of messages and online delivery status report.
• Upload the number list from a text file or an excel sheet.
• Schedule messages.
• Control panel to view responses

As per TRAI's notification of 25 Oct'11, a termination charge of Rs 0.05 ( 5p ) will apply for every promotional SMS. This does not apply to transactional, VMN or International/Global SMS. Please refer to the email sent to you for details. All existing prepaid credits as of on 25 Oct'11 will be adjusted to reflect the price increase of 5p per SMS with the new package.

As Per TRAI Rules SMS can not be sent from 9.00 PM to 9.00 AM in India. We request our clients to follow the DND regulation of TRAI. Please do not send unsolicited SMS & Calls to DND numbers.
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